Favorite Disney Things ~ R-n-R Coaster Launch

Favorite Disney Thing #17 - The Rock-N-Roller (RnR) Coaster Launch - This coaster is elaborately themed around a night in the life of the legendary rock-n-roll group, Aerosmith. After working your way through most of the queue, you enter a recording studio at G-Force Records. There you'll find the five members of Aerosmith just finishing up a recording session, but unfortunately, as the story goes, the band must leave quickly to make it in time to perform at their concert. Lead singer Steven Tyler doesn't want to leave everyone behind, so he requests 'backstage passes' for everyone. Guests are then ushered through a door to a scene portraying the back alley of a parking garage, where 'super stretch limos' (24-passenger coaster trains) are picking up guests and whisking them away to the concert. While you wait, you'll see the limo-themed coasters drive up to and then stop at a traffic light hanging from the entrance to a tunnel. What happens next is my favorite part of the whole ride!

After a five-second countdown, the traffic light turns green, and then the limo suddenly launches into the tunnel! This is something that can only be compared to a jet being launched off of an aircraft carrier! Seeing the other guests faces when that thing takes off is priceless, especially the faces of the ones you know are riding for the first time! 

The only thing better than watching the coaster launch is when you're the one sent flying! When you are first seated and securely strapped in, you'll hear the radio DJ talking about all of the traffic from the concert.
Hello, Los Angeles! Bill St. James here, broadcasting live from the Aerosmith concert. Seems like everyone in town is heading to the show, so there's traffic everywhere you go, but don't worry, we have this concert covered. Just keep it here on LA's classic rock station.
After 20-30 seconds, Steven Tyler begins his countdown. Starting from five, his voice alternates from one ear to the other: "Five! Four! Three! Two!" but before he can finish, the coaster suddenly launches into the tunnel! While the rest of the ride is a lot of fun, that moment when the tires are squealing, the lights are flashing, the wind is slapping your face, and the music is blasting - that's the best part of the ride!

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