Free Disney Countdown Graphics

Are you counting down to your next Disney vacation? Want to brag about it on social media? Use one of these Pics to tell the social media world you are counting down to your next  Disney vacation!

Cellphones and Tablets: Just tap a pic to select, press the image to bring up the menu on your device, and tap "Share image". A menu of social media options will appear. Just click on the one you want to share it to and follow the on screen instructions. Some devices may show another variation of this process, but it should be similar and easy to follow. 

Computer: Just click on a pic to select, right-click the image to bring up a the pop-up menu, and click the "Save image as..." option. A window will open allowing you to choose where to save the image. Click the "Save" button. Be sure to make a note of what folder you saved the image to. (I like to save images I download for social media to the "Desktop" and then delete them later when I am done sharing it.) You can now upload the image from your computer to the social media website of your choice.

*Please do not alter the images in such a way that it removes the watermark located at the bottom of the images.

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