Favorite Disney Things ~ The JAMMitors

Favorite Disney Thing #94 - The JAMMitors - One of my favorite things about Epcot is the live entertainment that is spread throughout the park. Although most of the entertainment can be found in the World Showcase, Epcot's Future World is home to one of most unique live shows in all of WDW - The JaMMitors! Dressed as custodians, the JAMMitors are known as Epcot's "percussion-playing cleanup crew". They are actually a trio of performers that use an assortment of trashcans, dustpans, flyswatters and more, to create a hilarious yet amazing show all in under 10 minutes! Using their custodial "instruments", the JAMMitors set up impromptu performances in different parts of Future World, usually on the East side along the walkway heading toward Test Track and Mission: Space. You can find out what time they are scheduled to perform by checking the Epcot Times Guide.

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