Favorite Disney Things ~ Taking a Photo with Zurg Behind Bars

Favorite Disney Thing #96 - Taking a Photo with Zurg Behind Bars - You know the spot. It's in a little tucked away place in the Magic Kingdom called Tomorrowland; maybe you've heard of it? Of course, Tomorrowland is where you will find Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, another family favorite. My family loves to compete against each other for the most points! Unfortunately, I have never been very good at shooting aliens, but I always have a blast trying. When the ride is over, we all stop to compare our ride photos, complete with scores, but then we head straight to the dark side, or something like that. There is this little spot to the right of the photo purchase area where you can see Zurg standing behind bars. The bars are just far enough apart so that the kids can squeeze through and pretend to be in "jail" with Zurg. Each visit when we take their picture, the kids try their best to look the part of one of Zurg's disgruntled minions. This part of the attraction is one of our favorite family traditions.

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