Matching Disney Vacation T-Shirts

In 2009, my family and I decided to wear matching Disney vacation t-shirts for our big family trip that year. We were celebrating my husband's 40th birthday by taking him and his side of the family to Disney World that September. There were a total of 10 of us! I wanted the shirts to be something personal and unique, but I couldn't find anything that I liked online, so I just designed it myself. All I did was create a simple hand-sketched line drawing. Then I went online and downloaded the legal version of one of the Disney fonts, installed it onto my computer, typed up what I wanted it to say using a word processor, and printed it. I scanned my drawing and wording and sent them in to an online t-shirt screen-printing company like Cafe Press or CustomInk, placed my order and voila!, three weeks later we had gorgeous matching vacation t-shirts!

However, I do want to point out a few issues we had with the screen-printing company we used, even though in the end our shirts were perfect. The first problem we had was with my original drawing (not shown). I was asked to remove all of the Mickey ear-hats that I had drawn on the heads of the stick people in case Disney had a copyright issue. I was really disappointed, but went ahead and removed the cute little hats. The next issue (that a lot of people may not notice) was the wording on the front of the shirt. They insisted that the words Walt and Disney be side-by-side, one word, with no space in between... What? In the end, I had to let that go, too. I still don't know why they insisted upon that. The last thing they wanted ended up being the least trouble. They asked that I send them the copyright information for the font I used so that they could just find it online and recreate the words themselves for a cleaner look.

2009 Walt Disney Vacation T-shirts

Our next big Disney Vacation came in 2011. This time we decided to go during October to attend Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This was the perfect time to also incorporate my daughter and nephew's birthdays since our trip fell right in the middle of their two birthdays; one in September and one in October. Instead of using an online screen-printing company, this time we went with a local company. The whole process was much smoother! Again, I created hand-drawn sketches for the front and back of the shirts and used the same Disney font as last time. They turned out great! Instead of all one color, this time we opted for green for the boys and purple for the girls.

2011 Walt Disney World Vacation T-shirts

What do you think of my shirts? Let me know in the comments; I would love to hear from you!

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